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We invite you to come visit us. We invite you to join us!

Welcome to Tabitha’s Way Local Food Pantry South County. We invite you to visit us, we invite you to volunteer! 

  • What is our Mission? To help individuals and families through tough times by providing temporary food assistance, recommending resources to encourage self-reliance, and inspiring neighbors to help neighbors.
  • Who are we helping and why? Tabitha’s Way currently operates two full-time client choice food pantries that serve local families and individuals who otherwise could not afford nutritious foods. Between both locations we serve nearly 6,000 individuals each month, half of whom are children.
  • How do we help them? We provide temporary food assistance and other basic supplies such as baby diapers and hygiene products. Families in need typically visit our pantry once every 14 days.
  • Is the food pantry mostly for homeless people and drifters? We serve persons who are homeless or transient however, the most common users of our food pantry are families who have had significant changes in their lives that leads to unexpected financial hardships.
  • How often does a person come to a food pantry for assistance? While some individuals and families need assistance every month, most only need assistance to get them through a rough time.  Our food pantry helps with disaster relief while helping to work toward self-reliance.
  • Why do you need financial donations? What is the money used for? There are many costs involved in operating a food pantry and making food accessible. Tabitha’s Way stretches every dollar we receive by leveraging the use of regular volunteers and our food gleaning program so that $10 generates enough resources for us to provide food for one individual for an entire month. We can expand your financial donation, so it will have a greater impact than if you had purchased food or supplies directly.
  • How does Food Insecurity affect you and our community? Snickers candy uses a tag line that “you are not yourself when you are hungry”. Well, it’s true.  Hunger can affect an adult’s ability to think clearly and interact socially impeding their capacity to work well. Food insecurity  affects a person emotionally and physically and elevates stress levels which is linked to most major illnesses including depression, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Child hunger is even more devastating as it has long term effects on a child’s mental and physical development. Studies show that children that are food insecure have trouble learning and are more likely to drop out of school, experience early teen pregnancy, drug addiction and criminal behavior.How can you help? We need financial donations, regular volunteers, specific food donations at specific times and the support of the community.

Financial Support: Food Pantries like any service organization has costs, however, we leverage our resources so that our cost is only 10 cents to provide a meal. We pledge to stretch every penny to fulfill our fullest potential of giving.

Volunteers: The heart of any effective food pantry is the caring service provided by volunteers.  People can serve in a variety of ways:  helping clients, sorting, stocking, food rescue, inventorying, and smiling.  Regular Volunteers are critical to our operations. We need hundreds of volunteers each month to commit to volunteering for 2-3 hours once a week to help us serve the thousands of individuals and children we provide food to at each pantry.

Food: Food Pantries need regular, monthly food drives to help collect specific items needs at specific times. Depending on what inventory we have in our food pantry we may need more of certain types of food items or supplies to meet the nutritional and physical needs of our clients.

Building No Hunger Zones: Our goal is to serve our local community with excellence. Our larger vision includes creating No Hunger Zones – an area where no one faces hunger or food insecurity alone because neighbors (citizens, businesses, schools, and other organizations) have taken emotional and financial responsibility to assure that never happens. To achieve this vision, we plan to engage many more individuals and organizations to donate food, time, money and supplies.  Because tough times will always exist for someone somewhere, hunger and food insecurity likewise will continue to exist. Therefore, our solution needs to be equally persistent. Our solution is to build No Hunger Zones in our communities and an endowment that will support fighting hunger for families, and especially children, for decades to come.

What else should you know about Tabitha’s Way? Tabitha’s Way was established in 2010 in Spanish Fork. In 2016, Tabitha’s Way opened a second food pantry in American Fork to fight food insecurity and meet the needs of the growing population in North Utah County. An estimated 4,000,000 meals are provided through the help of our partners, donors and volunteers. Every success we have achieved has been with the support of many.

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